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For coaches and consultants on a MISSION


I’m Paula Telizyn.

I’ve run my own businesses since 2000 first in tech and then moving into the arts. From service based businesses to product to training, I’ve run the gamut.


I’ve written several books, covering topics from business to self improvement. I’m a single parent of three demon spawn who are now in their teens and twenties. I’m a wicked portrait artist with art in private collections around the world.


So, why should you care?


Because I’ve been there, done that. I know what it takes to scale a business from 0 to half a million dollars in revenue. I know how to get through tough times and when to let go and change everything.

Your Audience is looking for Advice, inspiration and entertainment

As an experienced podcast guest, I know how to keep an audience engaged while, at the same time, sharing valuable information they can use. I’m qualified to speak about
  • building a business with zero budget
  • scaling a business so you run it, it doesn’t run you
  • turning your knowledge into workshops & programs that people actually want to buy
  • marketing
  • writing
  • making your life goals actually happen. Not someday… but NOW
Listen to some of my previous podcast interviews at the links below. Please note that I am no longer using my married name (Mould) and these were recorded before that change.