Zero Percent Luck
was born out
of necessity.

Paula and Emma Telizyn, the mother/daughter duo behind Zynfinity Designs, a web design agency in beautiful London Ontario Canada, have worked with a lot of clients. 


All of them entrepreneurs.

Each of them uniquely amazing.


But the one thing they have in common is staying on top of their day to day marketing activities.


Let’s face it, running a business as a solopreneur or with a small team means that there are many hats that are in play. Marketing is just one of them and it’s one that is easy to put off.


But if you don’t have a steady stream of clients and customers coming in, you very quickly don’t have a business at all.


Zero Percent Luck helps take care of that, from various training programmes to products that keep you on task, we’re here to make your online biz life easier.


After all, your success is Zero Percent Luck 🙂

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