Ready to master your social media marketing?

Do you find posting on social media for your business exhausting? 🥱


Are you tired of spending hours trying to think of something to post online? 🤔


Do you find yourself often losing followers because you just can’t seem to post regularly? 😢


If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, we have the solution for you! 


By subscribing to our 30 Day Social Media Marketing Series, you’ll not only never run out of posting ideas again, but you’ll also deepen your understanding of how to actually engage your audience. 


After all, it’s one thing to post regularly and another thing entirely to post regularly AND have regular engagement! 


In this series, you’ll encounter some fancy marketing terms, daily post prompts, and unique examples to help strengthen your social media skills. 


At the end of the series, you will have developed a routine posting habit and a rotation of posts to pull from when you’re in need of a little inspiration! 


So… now that you’ve gotten the gist of it, are you ready to gain some #MadSkills?


Sign up today and revolutionise your online identity. 😎


Who is this for?

This email series is designed for entrepreneurs who are the face of their business. Whether you sell coaching services, run a creative business, have an e-commerce store or have a SaaS business, if you are your brand, then this system will work for you.


My audience is younger/older/different – will it work?

Of course! The thing is, you’re doing the post creation so you can write or speak to your specific target audience the way you need to.


What is this series exactly – what am I getting?

  • You get 32 emails sent to you on a daily basis
  • You can keep these emails forever and use them again and again. And by the time you’ve used them once, your audience should be larger and far more engaged with you online.

about us

So, you’ve seen our site and you’ve seen what we do but now you’re likely wondering who we are… not to worry!


Zero Percent Luck by Zynfinity Design is run by Paula and Emma Telizyn – a mother/daughter duo. 


Founded in 2021, we’re currently based in London, Ontario, Canada. We serve emerging creative businesses by creating beautiful and effective designs ranging from full website builds to logos to business consulting, etc! (You can check out our portfolio here:


The business world is crowded. We make sure you stand out!


Paula has been making websites since the early days of the internet in 1994. Since then, she’s done a variety of work including websites, content and web-applications for companies such as HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), Indigo Books and more. 


Between then and now, Paula has freelanced and run several small businesses successfully thanks to many years of marketing experience. 


Acting as the technical lead and designer, Paula bridges the gaps between ideas and reality. She develops websites from the ground up, creating completely unique designs for every client. 


Emma has many years of design, marketing and copywriting under her belt since studying advertising at Humber College. 


She acts as the creative director, bringing a keen eye for detail and cutting edge design to the table. Her sharp sense of direction and relentless pursuit of design mean that our clients always get the best of the best. 


With our combined backgrounds in marketing, sales and running small businesses, we bring more than just pretty images to the table – we bring functional, real world marketing and make it easy to understand and implement. 


After all, your success online should be Zero Percent Luck!