If You Aren’t Doing This, Your Business Will Suffer

It seems pretty obvious, right? Goals are incredibly basic but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses that don’t have them.

I’ll admit I was there too! Oy yes. When I started my first business, my only goal was to earn some money. That was as far as I got. Some. Money.

Now, see, technically that’s a goal but it’s not a good goal. There’s nothing concrete about it. How much money is “some”? What’s the time frame around it? How do I break it down and work backwards from it?

I didn’t have a goal until I attended some kind of networking meeting or whatever. I don’t remember the details because it was twenty years ago, but I do remember talking with a fellow programmer who said that any programmer not making at least $100k was doing something wrong.

Bear in mind that until I started my business, my salary was around $45k. That one hundred thousand dollars didn’t even feel real! But dude said it so matter-of-factly that it changed everything for me. Suddenly I had a goal to work towards and an example of someone who’d already done it. It took me around a year or so to get there once I had that goal in place because I was so motivated.

Your business goals don’t need to be around money, though you should have at least one to cover that. They can also be around impact, reach, achievements. Whatever. Just make sure they are concrete.

  • I will bring in a gross revenue of $100k within the next twelve months. 
  • I’ll sign on five new clients in the next 30 days.  
  • I’ll write a ten chapter book with XYZ intended outcome and release it within 4 months.

When you have goals with a set timeline and solid, measurable outcomes, you are more likely to fulfil them. See, we can take each of those and break them down backwards. For example, split $100k over 12 months which comes to $8333 per month. If you have a $3k program to sell, it means you only need to sign on 3 clients per month to more than meet that goal!

Suddenly that achievement feels easier, do-able and even within reach. Three clients a month? Sign me up!

The bottom line is concrete goals help you get focused and grow your business fast. They keep you motivated  when you track them. The get you results that would have felt completely impossible without them.

So set some goals and watch your business fly.

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