Don’t Take Anyone’s Advice

Especially from friends and family!

I just watched a reality show the other day. A family was trying to decide whether to move from the UK to Australia or not. Stick with me here because it’s relevant.

The father in the family had a lifelong desire to relocate to the country, and his family had significant history there. When he was interviewed, his passion was palpable. His wife and younger kids were curious and open to the idea of moving.

The show flew the family to Australia and had them go over the details about what a move, and living there would mean to them. Things like cost of living, jobs and income, not to mention culture and climate, were all explored.

When everything was added up, it was a no brainer to do the move! They’d have more money, better work-life balance, more free time, a better climate and better lives overall.

Easy, right?

And then the show dropped the bombshell: they had recorded messages from their friends and extended family back in the UK.


Grandma was crying about how she’d never tell her daughter not to do something but oh, it would rip her heart out if she moved. Oldest son, already moved out of the family home declared that he’d never be close to his father again. And on, and on from various family members. It was a weep fest that sickened me.

I could see the dreams of the father die right in front of my eyes and all because of this one thing.

Not a single person in their extended family acknowledged the hopes and dreams, and drive, of the father. It was all about their comfort, their needs, their desires. And while I get that families can love and support each other, there was zero love or support there. It was pure selfishness wrapped up in false love.

And this can happen, and DOES happen, when people with dreams want to start up, run and level up their businesses.

See, well-meaning friends and family will tell you it’s too hard, or no one succeeds in XYZ industry, or they’ll do little things to sabotage you. It’s not because they don’t want you to succeed but it is because they want you to live their own definitions of happiness.

Most people associate entrepreneurship with risk, a lack of financial security, and too much work. They’d rather you not dance with potential failure, and instead just take the so-called easy route.

So when you go to them with problems in your business, or ask their opinions on whether you should do A or B, while they will undoubtedly have your best interests at heart, they won’t be able to give you the advice and support you need!

This is why you need a coach or mentor to help you along. Someone who has been there, done that, and understands what it takes to run a business. Someone who isn’t family, and doesn’t know what’s best for you personally, but totally knows how to navigate the world of entrepreneurship.

Every entrepreneur you see out there, creating success, has a coach or mentor at their back. I do, my mentors do, and you should too.

Contact me for a 1 hour coaching session, where we will deep dive into your business and fix your most pressing problems so you can do the work you do best, with ease and focus.

After all, your success is Zero Percent Luck.