Are Your Offers as Irresistible as You Think They Are?

The number one thing I’ve seen with most solopreneurs’ offers lies in the messaging; they are close but no cigar.

 See, messaging is important. If your potential client doesn’t understand WHY they need what you have on offer, then they aren’t going to pull out their wallets and jump in. And sure, other factors could be at play, like your audience size and quality, but in this article we’re going to focus on what you’re saying.

 Is your offer something your client urgently needs? Urgency makes all the difference. And no, I’m not talking about scarcity, artificial or otherwise. Urgency means, do they need this problem solved now?

 For example, if you’re a designer selling web design, you could be putting out offers all day long with very different outcomes based on your messaging. 

 Message 1:

Get a nice website. Feel good about yourself and your business. Have your best foot forward online.

 Message 2:

Your website may be costing you money! Did you know that bad design, and slow loading chase away potential clients in 3 seconds or less?

 Same service, but notice the difference between the messages. Message 1 is pretty passive and would be seen as a “nice to have at some point” kind of service by most clients. They’ll get around to it, ya know?

 Message 2 communicates much more clearly as to why you need to get your website fixed now. Can you imagine all the money you’ve lost because this one thing isn’t done right?

 When you craft your offers, make sure you they into the urgent category. Create a sense of irresistibility around them and help your clients see that they need what you have to offer.

Something like this:

If your offers aren’t selling, and your business is stagnating or worse, a business tune up could turn things around. In 60 minutes, I’ll help you get focused, build more reach and earn more money. After all, success is Zero Percent Luck.

(See what I did there? 😀 )