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Are you a service-based business owner?

Are you struggling to niche down, get sh*t done and grow your business?

I help service-based business owners get focused, grow their reach and make more money through one-to-one coaching and training.

Do you struggle to make people understand how you can help them?


Do you have a ton of ideas but aren’t sure which will help your business so you don’t do any of them?


Are you putting in long hours every week in your business without getting the results you want?


Running a business doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s all about niching down, creating clarity and focus, and strategically marketing to the right audience.



This is where I come in: building scalable businesses that generate, not only good revenue, but your own happiness, is my specialty. I know how to get focused, get sh*t done and grow a small business fast and I can help you do this too.



I’m Paula Telizyn.

I’m a business and mindset mentor helping service-based business owners who struggle with niching down to get sh*t done and grow their businesses.

I made my first website and interactive CD in 1994 and then spent the following 20+ years being a sought after web application developer in my area.


I’ve since successfully run a number of businesses, all while parenting three kids by myself.


I know what it takes to become a well-paid authority in the business world, I know how to create a clear marketing message, I know how to defeat negative self-talk and I know how to beat procrastination to the curb so you can focus on what matters to you. And I’m here to help you make it happen for yourself.


Success, after all, is 100% strategy and Zero Percent Luck.



My desire with all of my businesses was to make a difference in the world, focusing on doing some good.  I know so many business owners have the same focus in their own work.


But the pandemic has changed everything for so many entrepreneurs. We’ve seen, maybe first hand, how fragile our businesses are and it’s time to create systems and focus like never before.


In a one-to-one session, we will sit down together and look at what you’ve built, your positioning and marketing message. We’ll look at what’s working, and what’s not so that you can put your focus where the money is and leave the rest behind. 


We’re heading into what looks like an incredible decade of wealth, connection and growth on a global scale. As lockdowns and restrictions start lifting, people will be looking to spend their money, connect in meaningful ways and feel alive again. 


I can show you exactly how to position yourself and your business, so that you can create the income and impact you’ve been craving.

Things we can work on:

I’ll show you how to earn good money, how to add systems into your business and how to skip the mistakes most people make

One-on-One Coaching

Bring your business to the table and let’s give it the upgrade you, and it, deserve.


Send me an email and let’s talk.

A one hour session is $150 CAD 

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